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About me

my make-up tools “Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder”, somebody once said.

I’ve been a Make-Up Artist for long enough to realize that it’s the best job I’ve ever had and which I wouldn’t change for the world. Having been in this business since 2004, I’ve begun my wonderful journey by attending the classes of Kruger-Brent Make-up and Beauty Academy, where I met my two professors who made me love this trade forever.

Whatever came next was something simple and yet divine: I’ve trully experienced that every woman has something special, something beautiful and that Make-Up can enhance and value that feature, that glimpse of genuine femininity.

Every Make Up session brings a whole new learning and joyful experience, starting with a short talk with my client over a coffee about the up coming session, in terms of how she imagines herself with make-up on and ending with the look in her eyes, the moment she sees herself in the mirror.

That look is priceless!!

I wish that every woman should experience a professional make-up session at least once in a life time, for Make-Up is essentially a tool of feminin self-discovery.

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